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be collapsing. greta kreuz is live at headquarters to tell us why. >> it is because of how they planned to pay for it. we just got word the chief financial officer is hoping to get a letter to michelle rhee analyzing the funds in question. there appear to be very serious troubles. >> he says the proposed new teacher context will not -- contract will not fly. $21foundation's chipping in million have strings attached. students must make specific annual test score improvements. they have to come up with another $29 million after a deficit turned into a surplus and then back into a deficit in the course i never believed the money would be there. there have been so many lies about the funding. >> she is an english teacher. like many, she is tired of the emotional roller coaster. >> as a public servant, i do not want my paycheck to come from a private source. a private source can have influence. >> michelle rhee is not commenting. the mayor issued a statement that it was my understanding that there will honor the funding. >> we are not exactly sure what that means but we should get some answers tomo
and maryland. they come at all hours of denied but nobody is on the other end. greta kreuz is telling us what this is all about in the course a lot of calls in arlington but also, in mclean, bethesda and prince george's county. it is called spoffing. somebody steals the and uses it to harass complete strangers. [phone ringing] this last week, the phones have been digging at odd hours to in arlington. >> 2:00 a.m., 4:00 a.m., 6:00 a.m., all night. >> there were at first frightened and then anchored by a barrage of mysterious calls. >> it makes me mad that they're able to do it. it is not a telemarketer. nobody says anything. when you try to read dial -- redial, you cannot get through. they say an unknown entity fraudulently took the number, saying they are hijacking it. they say they have blocked the number from the network and is contacting providers in washington area and urging them to do likewise. the nuisance calls have led the nuisance calls have led blogs to blow up with angry posts. the largest local carrier told me that there are working hard to block this 307 number from its network
is apologizing for giving a letter of commendation to one local group. greta kreuz is like to explain. >> he says it is a big mistake. the group is parents and friends of ex-gays and gays. everybody is mad at the mayor. this a did a good appreciation is prominently displayed. -- the certificate of appreciation is prominently displayed on their website. it was in recognition of outstanding contributions as the director of the group. >> it should not have happened. we apologize. >> he said a staff member made a mistake in sending the letter. the activists and says there is no such thing -- insist there is no such thing as an ex-gay. >> he needs to do more than apologize. he needs to condemn the organization. >> there is no evidence that people are going gay. this man is married and has a child after living 15 years as a gay. he is also angered by the purveyors actions -- he is also angered by the mayor's actions. >> we are just outraged by this. >> some are not saying anything about rescinding the commendation. >> i will not rule that out. >> i spoke by phone with one woman who was angry. the city
that would allow kids to stay in school. they want to have 9 billion greta's by the year 2020. >> -- graduates by the year 2020. >> one accident in sykesville and a crash on the westbound ramp to aviation boulevard. that is important to know if you're heading to the airport. we are seeing delays southbound 95 coming out of the northeast. j.f.x. is in great shape. 11 that traffic. north and south of looking good. no delays on the north side over here. let's check the forecast. >> 23 minutes before 7:00. high pressure is still over us. the storm on the left side of the strip -- screen will move to the east side of the country on saturday. most of the rain will be out of it as far as we are concerned. more of this good weather will continue. details coming up in a few minutes. >> it is going to be a rabbit race not a wet place on this day. that is coming up. >> we are still looking at the water cooler question of the day. do you think tatt >> many people make a list of things they want to do before they kick the bucket. someone to jump out of a plane. this person was diagnosed wi
today -- right greta? >> you can probably see the band gearing up behind me. the census bureau is holding an event from 4:00 to 8:00, trying to get the message out. it is census day. 57% of people in virginia have mailed their firms in. 54% in maryland. only 47% in d.c. -- there is still a long way to go. at freedom plaza, there were drumming away and giving away the message today. mail back those 2010 census forms now. >> this is not april fool's day. this is no joke, people. this is census day. >> it is a quick and easy form -- 10 questions, 10 minutes. this will determine how legislative redistricts will be -- legislative districts will be redrawn. >> my family sent it the same day we got it. >> was it hard? >> it was pretty simple. >> do you know where in your house it is? >> on my dresser. i will turn it into day. >> earlier this morning, it was a chilly ball. people could drop off census forms and pick up freebies for doing so. >> you put it aside. pick that form up. it will take you a few minutes. >> for every% increase in the mail back response rate, the bureau saves ta
, greta kreuz, abc 7 news. >>> that is all for abc 7 news at 5:00. at 6:00 -- >> no new taxes. a panel on tax day, people from around the country converged on d.c. coming up, who the t partiers are. a volcanic eruptions and iceland. >>> for a lot of americans, income tax day is the perfect day for a tea party. >> many came to the nation's capital not to see the sights but to protest what they called big government. suzanne kennedy is live on the national mall with more. >> it has been a full day of demonstrations and rallies, brought on
their loans from taxpayers. are we on our way to recovery? guest: greta, i wish i could say we were on our way to a vigorous recovery. we certainly are on our way to recovery. the business cycle follows isleton's law, but in reverse. everything that goes down eventually -- follows isaac newton's law, but in reverse. everything that it goes down and eventually comes up. the stock market is recovering in part because corporate earnings are up, and corporate earnings are up largely because companies have sliced their payrolls. they have cut their cost and, again, their payrolls, their employees, are their biggest cost. many companies are going abroad for sales. they're also going abroad for workers. so, what is good for america's big companies in terms of their property -- profitability and american stock market may not be necessarily good for american workers. we are seeing in this recovery a little bit of a two-tiered recovery, that is, big companies and wall street are doing very well. their workers and employees are doing ok. small businesses are doing badly. people on main street still are w
. greta monahan is here to show us how to dress both eco-friendly as well as fashionably. good morning. >> good morning. >> she knows all about fashion. what exactly do we mean when we say the clothing is eco-friendly is this. >> i want to make eco easy because that's confusing. so think about recycle, responsibility and also respect. respect is for the environment and people, recycling, we know as reusing materials and textiles. and the responsibility piece is to brands and companies that have decided to make it better for workers, for people and the plan either. >> one reason that people hesitate to go green is because it can be more expensive when it comes to organic food. is the same true for organic clothe something. >> it was. actually ten years ago when i first started looking at this, it onsly was just, first of all, there was no fashion. if you wanted to be responsible, you had to give up the fashion piece and be dressed in a hemp sack. and also the price point. for the people that were doing it, the prices were nonaccessib nonaccessible. but today it's in mass retailers, fina
win as an independent in a 3-way race." florida, go ahead. caller: greta, i watch you all the time. i have two statements. host: make it quick, mary. caller: yes, i will. regarding meeks, everyone keeps forgetting about meeks. one lady said yesterday that democrats need to vote for meeks. i'm going to be there. i'm going to vote for meeks. but see how republicans push everyone out, getting this rubio guy in there, the tea party. you're fooling yourself if you think rubio will win, but that's another story. guest: as far as meek goes, he's a fromi -- formidable candidate, a state trooper, an african american who can rally votes back there. and you have a race between meeks, rubio, and crist, it would seem to look good for meeks, because you would have crist and rubio duking it out for conservative votes. host: winston-salem, north carolina. larry, independent line. good morning. caller: one quick comment. a lot of people in this nation have forgotten we're a republic, not a two-party system or otherwise. this is the first time i've done this in my life, i hate what is happening to our
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